Executive Forum

Monday, 5 December 2016 
11:15 – 12:45 • Georgetown West Room

5G Network Challenges

5G is intended to impact every industry, every service provider, and every person on the planet. It promises to extend the global success of 4G-LTE to underpin new use-cases, such as the “industrial Internet” and enhanced mobile broadband. The revolution from 4G to 5G is unprecedented, it stretches the spectrum, device and network technology. This panel will discuss the business and technology challenges of 5G Network, as well as opportunities.

Challenges: While the industry has converged on 5G to deliver better broadband performance and IoT, the specific use cases are under development and will evolve as 5G PoC and trials progresses, even after 5G is deployed, enterprise will continue to demand divergent use cases. Given the diverse requirements proposed for 5G, 5G will consist of multiple air interfaces.  There is a strong desire in the industry to develop a scalable interface that will meet the requirements of as many use-cases as possible in as many markets as possible. 
Opportunities: NFV/SDN had been progressed in today’s 3G/4G network, starting with core going into RAN. How do we leverage the NFV progress into a flexible, scalable and profitable 5G network rollout?

Sandra Rivera, Vice President, Intel Corp.

Charles Schroeder, VP, National Instruments
Wen Tong, VP & CTO, Huawei Technologies
John Smee, VP, Engineering, QUALCOMM Technologies Inc.
Wonil Roh, VP, Samsung
Hossein Moiin, EVP & CTO, Nokia